Our specialized team provides clients peace of mind with cutting-edge threat protection via a comprehensive set of security solutions.

  • Analytics

  • Foot Traffic, People Counting, Object Left, Object Removed, Loitering, People Detection, Line Crossing

  • Badge Holders with Built In Emergency Buttons

  • Biometric Access Cards

  • Cabinet & Drawer Access Control

  • Cloud Solutions

  • Enhanced Visual Visitor Management

  • Enhanced Visual Access Control

  • Facial Recognition

  • Geofencing Social Media Data Mining

  • Gunshot Detection

  • Mobile Device Encrypted Secure Communications

  • Mobile Detection & Tracking

  • Mobile Safety & Emergency Apps

  • Mobile Mustering Readers

  • Recording Device Detection

  • Server Rack Access Control

  • Sound Masking

  • Turnstiles with Integrated Facial Recognition

  • Visitor Management Kiosks

  • Window Shatter Protection

NSE specializes in finding the best solutions for any
application you require. Contact us to find out more!